Restaurant with a story

Step behind the scenes at The Ingham Swan. Here we’ll share with you a taste of news behind the stove, on our farm and in our intimate restaurant.

Cooking up a storm … in an Egg!


We’ve recently taken delivery in the Kitchen of a Big Green Egg and we just love it!  Developed in the US in the 1970’s by Ed Fisher who had an idea for a barbecue grill based on an ancient Oriental ceramic cooking concept, when he was looking for a quirky name, his idea looked just like “a big green egg” and so the name stuck!  Their unique design and high-tech ceramics (developed for NASA) offers fantastic insulation to retain heat and moisture to cook foods that wouldn’t be possible to cook on a standard BBQ grill such as pizza, roast chicken or  smoked fish.  They’ve now taken off in a big way in the UK too and are used in restaurants by many well-known Chefs.

We can bake, roast, smoke, sear and even slow-cook in the Big Green Egg, giving us great flexibility to work on new techniques with our fabulous ingredients and the opportunity to create new dishes. It is claimed you can even cook a Christmas cake though we haven’t tried that yet!  Roasting in the Big Green Egg helps lock in the moisture for succulent meat and fish, retaining all those natural juices and we can select a combination of wood chips for the tastiest smoked fish, meat and game dishes too.