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Step behind the scenes at The Ingham Swan. Here we’ll share with you a taste of news behind the stove, on our farm and in our intimate restaurant.

Fifty Pounds Gin


We serve Fifty Pounds gin  as well as around 11 other brands at The Ingham Swan, all of which we select very carefully and we thought we’d tell you a bit about the story behind one of our favourites, Fifty Pounds Gin.

It was early in the Eighteenth Century when the production and consumption of English gin became popular. It was a reaction to the prohibited importing of alcohol to England put in place by William of Orange. Its popularity grew to such an extent that gin is thought to have been distilled and sold in one fifth of all London homes. A period of excessive gin consumption and the somewhat predictable degradation of society was given the name the Gin Craze. In an attempt to curb this ‘social ill’ the Gin Act was introduced in 1736. An annual levy of £50 was imposed on all those wishing to produce or sell gin. After six years, just two distilleries had agreed to pay this tax.

Shortly after the introduction of the Gin Act in 1736 a group of independent London Distillers developed an original gin recipe, characterised by its particular smoothness and flavour – it was known ironically amongst themselves as ‘Fifty Pounds’ in honour of the Gin Act Levy.

Even today, the same specialist traditional production methods are used to create this quality gin which means that approximately only one thousand bottles are produced in each batch. Each bottle of Fifty Pounds Gin comes in an exclusive bottle bearing the individual distillation batch number and the year it was distilled. This process of production known as Batch Process Distillation is the purest and most efficient way of obtaining the finest gin spirit. It is a painstaking process undertaken by the Master Distiller but the resulting exquisite gin has a unique and complex personality and has a perfect 43.5% alcohol content. This is the most ideal percentage for drinking, whether neat, with tonic or in a dry martini. Fifty Pounds gin is a precious spirit made using a centuries old, family protected secret recipe of perfectly blended botanicals and grain spirit creating a gin that achieves optimum smoothness and complexity of flavour.

Why not try it for yourself next time you visit us and let us know what you think.