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Step behind the scenes at The Ingham Swan. Here we’ll share with you a taste of news behind the stove, on our farm and in our intimate restaurant.

Made in Norfolk


You’ve probably heard of Stilton cheese, Cornish Pasties or Melton Mowbray pork pies.  All these foods have the protection of being a “designated food” under the Government system for the protection of food names on a geographical or traditional recipe basis highlighting regional and traditional foods whose authenticity and origin can be guaranteed. Their producers can then benefit from having a raised awareness of their product throughout Britain, Europe and maybe even worldwide to help take advantage of consumers’ increasing awareness of the importance of regional and speciality foods.

Surely, there’s little that says “Norfolk food and drink” more than delicious specialities such as Cromer Crab, Norfolk Black Turkey, Brancaster Mussels or Stewkey Blues cockles from Stiffkey.  But did you know that none of these have been officially given a “Norfolk Food Designation” and in fact there are currently no protected Norfolk foods. The Mid Norfolk Branch of The Federation of Small Businesses have organised a Meeting this week with DEFRA  for local Producers to get the information they would need to register, and thereby protect, a designated food and to talk about funding and marketing opportunities for food producers.

Good news for our local Norfolk food and drink producers, whom we are proud to support here at The Ingham Swan.