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Pick of the crop... 


Baking with vegetables

 We’re lucky to have the pick of the crop on Our Farm at The Tacons in Rollesby where we tend and harvest a range of fruit and vegetables to serve in the Restaurant.  But have you ever thought of adding vegetables to your baking?  You’d be amazed at how you can use vegetables to enhance your home baking.  Here’s how to do it….


Carrots are naturally sweet and go together really well with cinnamon.  Indeed, carrot cake was popular in wartime Britain when sugar was in short supply but is back in favour again and seen in most cake shops.  For a tangy twist try adding pineapple pieces too to your carrot cake mix.


Beetroot works well with chocolate – try grating it raw or cooked into a chocolate brownie mix or puree and use it in chocolate cake batter.


The natural spiciness of parsnip is great in a sticky ginger cake.  When you bake with parsnip it develops a delicious sweet caramel flavour.  Add some sharp, tangy apple to make it really “zing”.

 Sweet Potato

Will add creaminess and a delicate colour to your baking.  Just halve and bake a sweet potato and spoon out the flesh to add to your cake mix.  Try it in a spicy cake with cream-cheese frosting.


Adds texture and lightness, especially good with orange or lemon flavours.  Grate and squeeze out the excess moisture before adding to your mix.  Be sure to test with a skewer that it’s ready as it may take a little longer than usual.  If the skewer comes out clean, it’s ready to enjoy.