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Step behind the scenes at The Ingham Swan. Here we’ll share with you a taste of the news behind the stove, on our farm and in our intimate restaurant.

Everyone Loves Ice Cream 


At The Ingham Swan we’re no exception and we make all our own ice cream and also fruit sorbets when the ripe berries are in season.  If you saw Food Unwrapped on TV recently you may have seen ice cream made with liquid nitrogen and also a visit to Lakenham Creamery in Norwich who also made the point that ice cream needs to be cooled and frozen as quickly as possible to keep the ice crystals really tiny for that extra-smooth creamy taste and texture.  Ice cream can go “gritty” as the ice crystals coagulate if the ice cream is allowed to defrost a little and is then re-frozen.  So when you use ice cream at home, remember to put the tub straight back into the freezer as soon as you’ve served it.

 When we make ice cream we rapidly chill it over iced water before churning and freezing.  Favourites in the Restaurant are salted caramel and also vanilla which we make using vanilla pods.  In fact, one of our regular customers loves our salted caramel ice cream so much that he has 2 scoops after his meal every time he visits.