Restaurant with a story

Step behind the scenes at The Ingham Swan. Here we’ll share with you a taste of news behind the stove, on our farm and in our intimate restaurant.



With its ripe red stalks and tart flavour, rhubarb works well in both sweet and savoury dishes.  But did you know that the first rhubarb crop of the year is already being picked on Our Farm.  It’s referred to as “forced” rhubarb which means it’s grown in the dark and produces pink stalks with a very delicate flavour.  At The Tacons they grow it down by the Broad where it’s sheltered and a little warmer and the crop is covered by straw.

 It’s not only delicious – it’s good for you too; packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium and fibre.  Right now, we’re using this early pink rhubarb with our Wood-Smoke Duck starter and also Rhubarb Panacotta with Ginger Cake and Pistachio Snow on our Dessert menu.  Tempted?